Monday, November 26, 2007

The Pie We Did Not Eat for Thanksgiving

I had a long entry written about all the food we made for Thanksgiving, as well as a list of all the injuries, casualties (the work bowl for my beloved Kitchenaid food processor), and arrests (yes, someone spent in a jail due to citations for "dog at large" and petting a horse) incurred in making our feast, but the computer crashed while I was writing the entry, and it wasn't saved because I wasn't using the Blogger entry form because of shoddy networking problems here. As someone who works with technology (I almost wrote "this shit") for a living, I should know better, but alas. I'm not writing it again.

I'm sick, tired, and a bit disgruntled right now. The (pictured) pecan pie I made that we didn't eat for Thanksgiving had a filling that looked like oozy brains. The crust was the last thing my food processor made before the bowl-locking mechanism on the bowl handle broke, thus rendering the entire machine inoperable without extreme hackery. It was, however, the first pie crust I ever made, and quite good aside from its uhm... "rustic" (aka I had NO IDEA what I was doing - it was a push-into-the-pan dough) appearance up top. We had the pie that Z's boss's neighbor (get that?) made, which was another pecan pie that had better filling but my crust tasted better and had a better texture. Or so I thought.

Thanksgiving wasn't bad by any means. The Butternut Squash and Creamed Spinach Gratin is on the must-make-again list even though it's a prep nightmare, and Morningstar's vegetarian breakfast sausage patties are a fantastic replacement for the real thing as far as stuffing with sausage and apples is concerned. Z brined the turkey overnight and it turned out moist and tasty. There are a lot of leftovers, which is a good thing because I don't actually feel like cooking for another few days, mostly because I can't really taste food or smell anything right now due to being sick.

All right, back to drinking tea and wallowing in my season-changing misery. It finally dropped to a reasonable fall temperature in Phoenix (it's a crisp 65 degrees right now) and my body is taking its sweet time to adapt. Sigh.

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